【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

Made in Japanに拘ったブランド「Yami」より「【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 」のご紹介です。MAJESTIC CLOSET(マジェスティック クローゼット)のオリジナル商品。
It is an introduction of “water proof leather pants” from “Yami” brand adhering to Made in Japan.

This product will be commercialized with Cloud Funding here.



Background of the project

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介


I love motorcycles from a long time ago.Always motorcycle when moving from age 16. Even if I moved to Tokyo, it remained constant unchanged. And I liked leather fashion that suits it.But leather goods are weak against rain.
But even though I was forced to wear leather goods for fashionable. Although it is natural, leather deteriorated quickly.

Concept1:Fashionable × Functionality (ファッション×防水性)

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

At the time, the bike wear was specialized in functionality, but fashionability was not what I thought was cool. Also flattery. (Currently each old-established brand, it’s becoming more fashion-oriented. At the time…) On the other hand, designers’ brands are fashionable and high-end items, the situation will be limited. It was not supposed to be used in a hard environment.

The fabric is not penetrated by water even if struck by the newly developed 8 hours rain “Fully waterproof fabric” is used.It is made in Japan in all production processes, and I am particular about high quality.

The concept is to make the two elements together.

Concept2:Luxury × Fashionable

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介
Under the concept that “In pursuit of functionality, there is no point if it is not fashionable”, we was concerned with a tight tapered silhouette.We made it as a slim and high-end leather pants.It is a product that produces a clean atmosphere somewhere while it is dark.


There are many relaxed silhouettes on motorcycle pants due to their use characteristics.However, this product was created with a policy aiming for a beautiful silhouette.

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

The skinny silhouette was narrowed down from the knee.It is very beautiful silhouette.

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介


Woterproof (防水性)

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

The biggest difficulty with bikers is sudden rain.There are also many people who bring raincoats and change clothes in the rain.However, as usual, using the strongest waterproof leather of the military spec that is the highest level.

There is no problem if it is a motorcycle sailing about 1 hour in the rain.
【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介
The result of the test is from here. (* Japanese language only)


Draping (立体裁断)

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

For Skinny, basic, stretch material is required.If it is a material with less stretchability it will only make things difficult to move. One way to improve it is “three-dimensional cutting”.This time I organized it as a “skinny” sizing which is easy to move.

Of course this brand is made in Japan. Numerous famous brand denims are produced in Japan. The artisan skills of the patterners held in Japan are excellent in the world.

Style change by zipper(ジッパーによるスタイルチェンジ)

This item can enjoy the slim style of boots in.

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

But, of course, when becoming “skinny” you can not do any style other than boots. The most troublesome in the bike is “sudden rain”. When boots in style it will be transmitted to the inside of the shoes during rainy weather.

Therefore wear zipper like the sleeve of the leather jacket at the hem of the product,

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

If you open the zipper you can cover it on the boots. It is usually a style that emphasizes silhouette. When it rains it changes to functional emphasis.

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

【Coordination ~実際の雰囲気について~】

Slim silhouette. It is an atmosphere that fits the bike.

 【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介


The table below is sizing.

【Yami】 Water proof leather pants (防水レザーパンツ) 製品紹介

It will be a moving picture by body type for reference.

◆In the case of the “Nomal body” type (一般的な体型の場合)  Hight:176cm  Body weight:65kg Wear size:M

◆In the case of the “rugby man” type(ラガーマン体型の場合) Hight:172cm  Body weight:71kg Wear size:M


The latter ragbyan body type is M and pretty tight. We recommend that you measure once you weigh 70kg and purchase it. If you want to wear the inner thick, it may be better to choose one size larger.

【Production / shipment(制作・発送)】

This item is made to order. We start producing works after purchasing products, and we are delivering “1 month – 1 month and a half” as a guide.



【About purchase(ご購入について)】

If you purchase, please settle from each shopping mall. We will inform you of details and delivery time etc. by e-mail afterwards.

For other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook, Instagram etc. Thank you for your consideration.