About Product~【Yami】Hand made Studded leather belt 40mm (ハンドメイド スタッズレザーベルト) ~

今回はMajestic Closet(マジェスティッククローゼット)オリジナルブランド、Yamiよりラグジュアリーなスタッズベルトのご紹介です。
Today is Introduction of luxury studs belt, from a biker brand “Yami” of Made in Japan.


Contrast of black x gold was finished as a beautiful item. Products such as slacks and chino pants, which are compatible with simple pants as an accent.

横幅は少し太めの40mm。 ラグジュアリーかつ、ブーツやスニーカーなどにカジュアルアイテムにもよく合う商品です。普段の格好にラグジュアリーなアクセントを加えたい場合に是非。
The width is 40 mm. Although it is luxury, goods that also go well with casual items such as boots and sneakers. If you want to add luxurious accents to your usual appearance.

【About metal fittings(金具について)】

Production is handmade rather than mass production. The metal fittings used are high-grade items imported from Italy. It has a beautiful radiance.

【About leather(革について)】


Production is handmade rather than mass production.  Leather finishes fine parts manually.

The good thing about genuine leather is that “taste” comes out as much as you use it. It is common to all of Yami’s products, but the more you use it, the more you can give your own original atmosphere.


【How to order】

This item, will be custom made products. Produce in about one week after receiving your order, we will receive it within 2 weeks as a guide.
* Delivery time varies depending on the area from those who ordered from overseas.


S → 65〜80cm
M → 75〜90cm
L → 85〜100cm
LL→ 95〜110cm



【About purchase(ご購入について)】

If you purchase, please settle from each shopping mall. We will inform you of details and delivery time etc. by e-mail afterwards.